Best WordPress SEO Plugins to Rank your Website


Know the top 6 WordPress SEO Plugins to Rank your Website higher on Google

A huge amount of traffic can be achieved through search engines. Since when the users are not aware of the best website for particular information, they will at once jump towards these search engines.  Websites which are ranked higher will make a solid stand than the rest of others. Search engine optimization comes as a rescue which ensures that your sites are placed at the topmost in the search engine results. Moreover, by making use of the best WordPress SEO plugins, the ranking of your websites can be enhanced up to a great extent.

Hence SEO is a critical factor for your website for the main 3 reasons

  • Being placed in the top 5 ranking
  • Gaining users trust – high ranking sites are generally trusted.
  • Social media benefit – high ranking sites are being frequently shared on social networks

So once we are aware of the significance of SEO, let’s explore the 5 best WordPress Plugins to Rank your website assuming your website is hosted on managed WordPress web hosting by SeekaHost.

  1. YoastWordPress SEO by Yoast

This being one of the highest downloaded WordPress plugins is a complete solution for your SEO demands. With this plugin, every page and post can have SEO title, Meta description, and keywords. The list is quite a lengthy one. But to be honest we recommend the All in one SEO plugin, and it’s covered in the online SEO course.

  1.  all-in-one-seo-pluginAll in One SEO Pack

An alternative to Yoast SEO is the All in One SEO pack, as its also best one in the bucket list. Just input your data accurately in the fields and you are all ready to start this plugin. No other experience really required. Some of the best features of this plugin involve – Automatic optimization of titles, auto-generation of META tags, support for XML Sitemap and Google Analytics and prevents duplication of content.

  1. Schema Pro WordPress Plugin

The Schema plugin helps the search engines to comprehend your content much effectively. It’s mostly suggested for On page SEO. Schema Pro being highly rich snippet WordPress plugin helps achieve improved CTR and traffic and is compatible with Yoast SEO plugin too. It’s quite simple to configure and helps your website get the knowledge graph in Google search.

  1. SEMrush (Not a direct WordPress plugin)

This is a paid subscription and is extensively used by many SEO professionals worldwide. Professionals utilize this to collect analytics and insights from different competitors thus enhancing their SEO as a result. It incorporates voluminous data collection. SEMrush aids in learning organic keywords, areas for getting backlinks and quite a lot. 

  1. Broken Link Checker

Your site should be kept under a check for the broken links as this can lead to awful experience for your users and can impact your site’s search engine optimization. This particular WordPress SEO plugin helps in fixing broken links without actually editing your posts. This free plugin can be quiet useful but at the same time can make your server slow as it can become resource intensive.

  1. W3 Total Cache

In order to quickly load your WordPress site caching is incorporated. With a cache plugin, the server load can be minimized thereby gearing up the performance of your WordPress site. In case you are going for popular shared hosting (Bluehost, SiteGround) or WordPress hosting companies (WPEngine, Kinsta), you will be offered with inbuilt cache so the plugin is not required. But in case your hosting company doesn’t offer you must definitely choose the W3 Total Cache plugin. It will benefit you with increased speed and overall performance of your site.

Among the variety of prevailing WordPress plugins, there will be only specific ones which cater to SEO needs. So this article will give you a filtered idea as to which WordPress plugin will help you achieve the best ranking for your website.



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