4 WordPress Security Plugin to Secure Your Site from Hackers

wordpress security plugins

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms because of its user-friendly nature and wide range of themes to customize with. However, third party plugins and themes make WordPress vulnerable which allows hackers to have access to the whole server and take control of it. Every day, hackers come up with new ways of hacking through the thousands of websites that use the WordPress platform and therefore, as users, you need to equip your website with the best security plugins to secure your site from hackers.

Below are four WordPress security plugins you can use to secure your site from hackers;

  • Word Fence Security Firewall and Malware Scan: 

    wordfence security pluginThis is one of the most commonly used security plugins. Word fence offers a user-friendly dashboard that does not require a tech-wiz to understand it in order to use it. It is responsible for fighting against malware, spam and offers protection against any security threatening attacks in real time. The best feature about this plugin is that it offers data traffic. You are able to know where traffic is coming from whether it’s from a person, google or internet crawlers. It scans through comments and posts for any security threats. Word Fence is free but if you do want the premium service, it is available at an extra cost.

  • Sucuri Security: 

    sucuri security pluginPopularly known for as an auditing, malware scanner and security hardener. This security plugin offers its users plenty of benefits like website firewall, security audits, malware scanning, firewall integrity and monitoring, blacklist monitoring among others. It is known to scan through themes and plugins for any malicious threats and send a notification as well as provide a solution to the user. Sucuri is an affordable security plugin that will secure your website from lurking vulnerabilities that will cause harm to your website. It allows the user to harden the security or easily check through the status and options provided to deal with any security threats.

  • iThemes Security: 

    ithemes security pluginIt is advisable to upgrade to the pro version when using the iThemes security plugin for you to enjoy features like, malware scans (scheduled), password security, two-factor authentication and many more. With this plugin, users are not allowed to login too many times. This automatically prompts a security breach and lockdown. It scans the website for any security threats and vulnerabilities. In case of any vulnerabilities, it notifies its user through an email as well as provides a solution of fixing the problem.

  • All in one WP Security and Firewall: 

    all in one wp security and firewallThis is a free feature that is user-friendly and therefore does not need an expert to use it. It is a one-click automated installation login that allows its users to sit back and relax as it scans through your website and offer protection against vulnerabilities. With this security plugin, you have the option of applying rules and functions to your firewall. You as the user controls what happens in case of security threat. Once the all in one WP security plugin scans your website for any vulnerabilities, it assists in implanting change and sending back a report to you. Comments and blog posts are the main places hackers get a chance to hack to your server. The all in one security plugin blocks any malicious threats by scanning through the comments and block posts automatically. The plugin is free and therefore affordable to anyone who uses the WordPress platform.


All the above security plugins are popular because of the benefits they offer towards securing your WordPress website from vulnerabilities. The plugins are available unless you wish to get an advanced service on any particular plugin.