What is WordPress: Everything You Need to Know About WordPress


What is WordPress?

WordPress is one of the largest content management systems and has been available online since 2003. And is the easiest platform to start a blog or website fast.

  • It powers 24% of the World Wide Web, which enables it to serve millions of websites daily.
  • It is free and provides small blogging services and large multipage websites. You can download WordPress from org.
  • To get a website from WordPress running, you need a web host and domain name. You can customize your website to your liking.
  • It has a community called WordCamp which hosts some of the best conferences in the world at a small fee and sometimes for free.

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Below are the reasons you should use WordPress in building your business and websites to help the community in general.

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  • WordPress is free

Being a free and extensive content management system, it allows you to offer a product or service and a base to build your business.

  • WordPress is simple

Getting a website from WordPress is a quick and easy process that can get you to publish content in no time.

  • WordPress is flexible

You can create a variety of websites like blogs and an e-commerce store. It has different themes and plugins that allow you to give your website a refreshing look depending on your preference.

  • It is easy to publish

Creating publications is easy and formatting tools enable editing to be simple; which in turn can get your work published in no time.

  • Users are easy to manage

You can set access for different users in various levels, assigning each a role. You can have editors who work with content, authors, and contributors who write content and subscribers. All have manageable profiles.

  • WordPress has an awesome media manager

Uploading images and documents for use in your content is fast and easy. The ‘uploader’ has different features that allow you to add a number of images.

  • WordPress conforms to W3C standards

Its compliance with these standards makes it able to exchange information in terms of computer systems with the latest browsers. This gives consistent viewer experience even when new browser updates are released.

  • WordPress has amazing themes

It comes with thousands of themes in the theme directory that enable you to customize your website to your taste. You can also create your own themes.

  • WordPress has many plugins

There are over 40,000 plugins to choose from. It has various features as well such as search engine optimization, social media buttons, contact adding forms and much more.

  • WordPress has a commenting system

This in-built commenting system enables you to converse and engage with your audience. You can also edit comments and delete those you do not want to appear. This means that you are in control of what your visitors see.

  • WordPress is search engine optimized

WordPress websites make it easy to get your content found, hence search engines love it. You can control how your site is seen on search engines and improve your ranking by installing various search engine optimization plugins like Yoast SEO. However, we do only recommend using All on one SEO plugin as it’s best for SEO and at the online SEO academy you will see why it’s easier and best for WordPress SEO.

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  • WordPress is multilingual

It is available in 70 plus languages, enabling you to choose any language preference. It is still being worked on to get many language options as possible.

  • WordPress is easy to install

To do this, you just need to create a database from your web host and access to an FTP program. From there you can upload files and run the WordPress installer. Other than that method, the easier way is the one-click installation method where no technical knowledge is required, just a click of a button.

  • WordPress can import

You can import your website content from another hosting service like Tumblr which helps you to get the most from your website.

  • You own your data

Imagine losing all your work when a hosted service experiences a downtime. This can be somewhat traumatizing right? Also, having adverts popping up every now and then within your content can be very annoying. In WordPress, your data is yours and you get to choose whoever can access it.

  • You are free to do what you want with WordPress

With the General Public License, you can use the platform in any way you want.

  • The WordPress community is thriving

Being a very popular content management system, WordPress is made up of a large community. You can engage in forums and attend WordCamps. Tutorials are also available to provide answers to your queries.

  • You can give back

This can be done by answering queries in forums, writing reviews about WordPress and engaging at the WordCamps.

  • You can create your own WordPress themes

WordPress API enables you to create simple or complex themes. The Theme Repository allows your theme to be reviewed and if it is approved, it is made available for download to others.

  • You can create your own WordPress plugins

This enables you to change themes while keeping custom functionality intact. WordPress plugin repository allows you to get feedback on your plugins and other users can use them.

  • You can use WordPress as a framework for an app

The features that WordPress offers can be used in making an application. Translation and users are some of the features you can expect.

  • You can create your own custom content types

These include posts and pages and it’s ideal for information created as a feature to place on your site.

  • WordPress uses the most recent libraries

WordPress is always up to date with recent scripts like jQuery, thus enabling the use of contemporary technology and ensure compatibility on browsers and devices. This helps create a refreshing user experience.

In summary;

what-is-wordpressWordPress is an amazing platform especially if you are just starting off as a new blogger. Being easy to download and set up makes it easily extendable. Having a few barriers allows you to make WordPress your playground, which in turn makes you gain and reach an audience.

Give WordPress a try today and in case you need help, feel free to contact support services from SeekaHost.

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