Wordfence Installation for WordPress Security

Wordfence Installation for WordPress Security

While creating your website with WordPress, having attention to the WordPress security is also mandatory one to protect the website against hackers.

WordPress, itself have lots of software for secure that can be monitored by the hundreds of developers to keep the site more secure.

Same way we should develop website security to avoid some security issues

Website Security

Once our website got hacked it can cause serious damage to our revenue and business reputation. There is the possibility of stealing of your data, passwords, and even the hackers will install some malicious software.

To avoid such situation increasing the WordPress site security is mandatory

 Update WordPress regularly

WordPress must be maintained and updated in a regular routine. By default, they will   update and installs minor updates, for the major update we need to do manually.We must concentrate on WordPress core, plugins, and theme up to date.

Enable Strong Passwords

Most of the common attackers steal our passwords easily so we must make our website password stronger and more unique. Not only for the admin area, also for FTP accounts, database, hosting account, email address, we should maintain strong and secure password. We have to manage the role of guest authors before adding a new user accounts.

Increase WordPress security

.Some WordPress Security Tips 

  • Install best WordPress security plugin
  • Install WordPress backup solution
  • Enable firewall for web applications
  • Change the WordPress site URL to Https
  • Disable PHP file extension
  • Change the default username and password “Admin” “user”
  • Limit the login attempts
  • Enable two factor authentications
  • Scan regularly for malware detections
  • Disable browsing Index
  • How to install Wordfence To wordpress

WordFence Login security

Wordfence is a security plugin that helps to your WordPress website from security threats and hackers. It comes default with the website application firewall which filters your website traffic and blocks malware and other suspicious activities.

Word-fence login have the functionality of

  • Two-factor Authentication,
  • XML-RPC Protection and
  • Login Page CAPTCHA.


  • Two-factor authentication (2FA), one of the most secure forms of remote system authentication available.
  • App is available in google
  • Enable 2FA for any WordPress user role.
  • Completely free to use, no limits or restrictions of any kind.

Features: Authenticator, 1Password or Free OTP.


  • Easily enable Google Re-CAPTCHA v3 on your login and registration pages.
  • Stops bots from logging in to your sites
  • Robust protection against password theft and credential stuffing attacks distributed across large IP pools


  • XML-RPC is the biggest target for WordPress attacks, but is often overlooked.
  • Protect XML-RPC with 2FA or disable it altogether if it’s not needed.


Step 1: Install Word fence Login Security uploading the ZIP file.


Step 2: Activate the Word fence Login Security through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

Activate wordfence security

Step 3: Go to the ‘Login Security’ menu and activate two-factor authentication and configure other settings.






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