WordPress Maintenance Service UK

Do you have a WordPress driven business? How often do you look into its maintenance and servicing? SeekaHost is the leading service provider for all your WordPress maintenance needs in the UK. We offer reliable content updates, optimization, backups and lots more! Our services allow you to concentrate on your core business without worrying about site content and performance.

WordPress maintenance services refresh and keep your site up to date and give you, the client, ample time to concentrate on growing your business.

Why does Your WordPress Website Need Maintenance Services?

  • WordPress is one of the fastest evolving platforms, millions of businesses and individuals use it across the world.

  • In today’s world, most business owners prefer WordPress because it is easy to use and customize. However, cheap can be expensive and in the case of WordPress, regular maintenance is mandatory.

  • You have to keep it looking up-to-date and perfect for your business site to run. Here at ClickDo, we have a UK based team of qualified WordPress managers who handle your site’s maintenance.

  • With experience that spans over 5 years, our maintenance crew under the able leadership of Kasun Sameera is extremely well versed with WordPress.

  • Most business owners do not have the technological know-how or time to make sure their site is up to date, secure or performing at its best. This is where we come in!

  • Our developers will work with you hand in hand and recommend what works best for you. WordPress managers provide the best support in optimization, maintenance and the support you need as the site runs.

Why You Should Hire WordPress Maintenance Services

It’s normal to secure our devices against malware and viruses using different types of applications. Similarly, a WordPress manager will ensure that your site is secure from hackers and is protected against spam. This is done by providing pro-active security checks and monitoring 24/7. The manager also ensures that all the pestering theme bugs and common issues are dealt with.

SeekaHost WordPress maintenance crews also ensure that your site has no malware. How is this done? By placing active measures against such attacks and malicious tracks. We make sure your site, visitors and servers are not compromised in any way due to malware attacks.

As a business owner, one tends to forget to update their sites and other systems because their concentration is often directed at the core business operations. Let us take charge of updating and protecting your WordPress platform with the latest and legit plugins. The latest updates will also help in boosting up the speed and performance.

WordPress managers ensure that all information fed into the platform is proactively updated and a daily back-up and guidance is done.

This includes monitoring the site’s performance, security, speed and lots more 24/7.

The WP manager identifies and improves the site’s SEO to rank higher on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and many more as well as help with third party plugins and applications.

SeekaHost prides itself of having the prerequisite technical skills and knowhow to offer top notch WordPress maintenance services. It doesn’t matter whether your business is small or big, active or dormant; we are here to help you get back on your feet and reach as many people as possible on your site.

Well, some people assume that since WordPress has a free template, there’s no need to hire a professional manager to help with maintenance. Truth of the matter is that not everyone who uses WordPress understands the technical bits surrounding it. WordPress managers are the key people with helping handle this. There is no need to hire a full-time team when our WP experts can remotely handle and maintain your site 24/7.

How Can The SeekaHost WordPress Maintenance Team Help

Support and maintenance:

WordPress Maintenance is the main service we offer to our clients. We offer support by accessing and managing your site and maintaining it for you, on your behalf. Updates, performance, speed, prevention against malware – all these aspects and more are included in our support services.

In the case of an emergency, our support team is always on stand-by to help with the problem. Some common hitches include the WordPress site crashing or taking ages to load. We have a live emergency line on our site that connects the client with our support team. The problem will be fixed right away. Get in touch anytime, any day on 0207 175 1344 or 0757 660 4928.

The Best Practices When Maintaining a WordPress Website or Host

Managed WordPress hosting

Managed WordPress hosting

We’ll make sure that your websites are hosted on reliable servers like Google cloud, which provides an enterprise grade resource and infrastructure dedicated to all websites. Through this, the client is able to focus on their business without worrying about their website.



We make sure that your site acquires fast and reliable speed and maintains it at all times. With the right services, the site can acquire X2 speeds with performance optimization. We also ensure that you have instant scaling technology, so that your site does not experience any downtime.

WordPress Security

WordPress Security

Our expert support staff are well versed on WordPress; we have an entire team that specializes in WordPress maintenance. Our technological and practical knowledge of WordPress enables us to scan and remove malware and any security threats. We install the right plugins that will not conflict with the site’s performance. As a security procedure, we conduct continuous scans for malware and hackers; we block them before they interfere with the site’s performance.

As an extra security service, we offer website blacklist removal and monitoring with the likes of Google safe browsing, Norton safe web etc. If your site has been blocked by any chance, we will help you process its removal.


SeekaHost is your professional, affordable partner for all your WordPress maintenance needs. Why bother with the nitty gritty of your site while you have your whole business to worry about? Our services are tailored to suit small and large business startups, or individuals who regularly use WordPress. Our courteous and friendly team never disappoints – hire us today and watch your site grow wings to soar to limitless heights.

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