Why should you get an SEO Audit?

An SEO Audit is basically a checkup of your website, where we diagnose all the problems it has that are holding its ideal performance back. This can be things like not having your name, address and phone number in the footer, image optimization, page speed optimization or 404 errors.

Basically, we intend to find all the little and big problems that your website has and we will hand you a comprehensive report with a to do list on what needs to be fixed.

If you like, we can fix it for you, or you can fix it yourself – it is up to you.

But following our step by step guide will help your website rank higher on the search engines.

What is an SEO Audit?

When you are building your website, it is very easy to miss a lot of tiny things that benefit your site. It is also easy to create tiny problems on your website as you add more pages to it.

Just like a house, a website needs strong foundations to stand out on search engines.

Think of it like an MOT for your website – we will give you a list of all the important things you need to do in order to have your website comply with Google’s standard practices.

This will give it a solid foundation to build on, so when you send a link to it, it will be more effective.

For example, if your page load time is 8 seconds, then it doesn’t matter if you rank number 1 on search engines like Google and Bing, because the user experience will be poor and people will most likely get impatient and return to the search engine to find another page.

Google wants its customers to have a great and easy user experience on the websites it sends traffic to.

This will mean you lose sales and eventually you will drop in rankings.

Whereas, if you have your website in top shape because of an SEO audit, you will remain at the top of search engines.

You will also increase your conversions which is good for the long term success of your online business.

Our SEO Audit Service

There is a lot that goes into our technical SEO audits because it is the foundation of any successful website ranking at the top of search engines.

To break it down to its simplest without all the SEO technobabble this is what we do in a nutshell.

This is where we look at all the technical issues that are holding your website back.

Very often these can go unnoticed, because they are behind the scenes or buried deep within the options menus.

It is very important to make sure these are fixed first, as they can have a big negative effect if they are not dealt with adequately and resolved.

Every website we have audited has technical SEO issues so ensure yours won’t.

This is where we look at the pages on your website to see what can be improved. This could be anything from title optimisation, image optimisation and structure of your website.

If you get these right then your pages will shine compared to your competitors who have mistakes with their onpage optimisation.

It is important that you have the right keywords in the right places. It is also important that your content is what Google expects when someone searches a particular keyword.

For example one keyword may need more images compared to another keyword that needs more text.

We will have a look to see what it is you are doing and how you can match what Google expects on the page in terms of content.

A lot of tests have shown that having great content will help rank you higher and make your backlinks more effective.

We will look at how your brand looks across the internet and how your brand image can be improved.

This includes what backlinks are going to your website, your Google My Business profile and what issues you have that need to be fixed.

For example if you have some negative reviews on Yellow Pages, then we will point that out as you want to have a positive impression wherever your customers find you.

We will look at the keywords that your competitors are getting the most people visiting their website, and we will find the keywords that will be the quickest wins for your website.

Putting these two together will give you a great short and medium term plan to follow for the search terms that will bring you more customers to your business.

For example if you are on page 2 of Google for a particular keyword that is good, then it would be wise to push that keyword to page 1 and start getting people visit your website.

We will look at your competitors for the search terms that you want to rank at the top of search engines for.

We will do a mini audit on your competitors to see what opportunities there are to push certain keywords up in the search engines.

Basically in order to give you a solid plan of action it is good to know how strong your competitors are and where your competitors are weak.

These weak spots are the best places to get quick results.

Step by Step Action Plan

We want to see your success, so we will create a step by step action plan that you can implement yourself. Or if you like, we can fix all the issues for you, so you can do what you do best, which is running your business.

Either way, once you have completed our SEO audit, you will be in a good position to start ranking higher on the search engines.

What is included in our WordPress SEO Audit?

We will do a comprehensive review of your website

  • We will list all the images that need to be optimised

  • We will list all the images that need additional ALT tags

  • We will list all the pages that are giving an error like 404’s

  • We will analyse your site structure to see if it can be improved

  • We will list all the little but important things you are not doing

  • We will check for thin and duplicate content

  • We will look at your site speed to see how it can be improved

  • We will have a look at your backlinks to see what needs to be done moving forward

  • We will list all the pages where title tags like H1’s & H2’s can be improved

  • We will check your sitemap is done properly

  • We will check to see if you have any Google penalties

  • We will research the best target keywords for the quickest gains

  • We will list all the pages that your meta description needs improving

  • We will check that your website is HTTPS and not HTTP

  • We will check if any pages need 301 redirecting

  • We will look at your Google Analytics to see what can improve your user experience and much more

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